Thursday, November 13, 2008

Alfred Kubin at the Neue Gallerie

I recently went to see Alfred Kubin: Drawings, 1897-1909 at the Neue Gallerie, and all I can say is - go see it! I might not bring the little kids to this one, folks, because there is some REALLY dark subject matter, and disturbing images - but boy are they cool! 

The show is mostly comprised of small drawings and prints from early in his career, and as you look at them you see that this was a man haunted by the notion of death, and driven to compulsively describe, in meticulous detail, his nightmarish visions. The work, influenced by the likes of Goya and Munch, is beautifully executed by an obviously brilliant man. The show is up until January 26, and is a rare chance to see this artist's work in the U.S. 

Wunderkammer: A Century of Curiosities

I made it to the Wunderkammer show at MoMA a couple of weeks ago (sorry guys, it's ended now) but I wanted to make a quick note about it, because it was a really interesting, different sort of show.

Wunderkammern means 'cabinets of curiosities' and the show certainly embodied that idea; odd little drawings, sculptures, prints, etc, which combined elements from nature with science and machinery (sort of pre-Steam Punk esque, I suppose). 

Anyways, it was fascinating!