Saturday, December 7, 2013

Calendar Promotion!

Over the summer I put together a calendar showcasing my Russian fairy tale paintings and drawings, with the idea that the calendar could be sent out to folks at various publishing houses as a self-promotion piece. Jump forward a few months and here I am, printed copies in hand, ready to send them out!

I ended up selling most of my first print run on Etsy (there are still a few left!). Thanks to my customers, the second print run (which will mostly be given away to publishers) has been paid for entirely by the revenue from my first print run! Thanks guys! Please note if you buy one on Etsy it will come in a protective bubble pack, not in the envelope below.

I am now prepping to send out a batch of calendars to art directors and editors. I decided not to waste any space, and printed a portion of one of my illustrations directly on the envelope, and added a couple of dabs of white acrylic paint. Magical!

Here they are all stacked and ready to be stuffed!

Each person will receive a calendar, personal letter, and business card.

And a sticker to seal it up tight.

I hope they survive the mail!

p.s. The printer I used is MGX Copy, based in San Diego. They were wonderful to work with - highly recommend!