Thursday, March 11, 2010

More Monsters

What can I say? I love monsters. Especially the cute(ish) ones. So, in the vein of my previous monster paintings, here is a newbie, completed over the weekend. In this image, the little girl is getting the monsters to clean themselves up. They had broken into her room earlier, trying to scare her of course, but she would have none of that! So she's making them presentable, and then they'll have a tea party and learn some proper manners.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Book Cover!

I was recently asked to do a book cover for the series Profiles of Educators, published by the Student Press Initiative at Teachers College. Each book contains a series of profiles of different teachers, snapshots of their lives as educators, written by graduate students. They are lovely books. The cover needed to be concept-driven, and the professor I worked with had the idea of using old maps to convey the idea of mapping a life or career. I loved the idea, and ran with it. The cover is designed to be a wrap-around, with the map on the front cover, and the compass on the back cover. I had loads of fun with this piece, and appreciate the opportunity to work with SPI!