Monday, June 16, 2008

Bunny vs. iPod

Anyone who owns a bunny will surely know this, but for those of you who don't, a word of caution: bunnies are destroyers of ipod headphones and cases.

My bunny has chewed through THREE sets of ipod earbuds, and yesterday I found her on the kitchen table (where she knows she's not allowed) happily munching away at the armband that my ipod lives in when I go for a jog.

Some may call this carelessness on my part. I shouldn't leave my ipod anywhere that there is the remotest chance that the bunny might get to it., but I swear, she would find it anyway. To her, chewing on an ipod is pure joy. She freakin' loves it, and she's so darn cute when she's happy, I can't even get mad at her! So, what to do?

This is an appeal to the inventors out there: Please make bunny-resistant ipod gear! Especially the headphone cords - one bite and those skinny cords are done for (my current headphones have tape in three places, holding the wires together)!

The same goes for cell phone chargers.

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