Friday, December 17, 2010

Homegrown Gifts: Part 2


Who doesn't love magnets?! And it's even more fun to make them yourself! You can use just about any junk you have laying around to make a magnet. Behold, just some of the tools of the trade:

For these particular ones (made as xmas gifts for some co-workers), I collaged magazine photos onto buttons, glued some other stuff on there, sprayed them with a gloss coating, then glued each one to a magnet!

Aside from making them as gifts, they can also be an excuse to have a party! A couple of years ago we had a party and ended up with a fridge covered in awesome magnets made by our artsy and not so artsy friends!

For these, we just used cardboard, elmers glue and duct tape, and attached magnetic strips! If you want to go down the recycling route, then, aside from cutting up old magazines, you can use those handy magnetic business cards that your local pizza joint and dentist give out - just collage right on top.

(Scott Murphy and Beth making sweet magnets!)

Fun times!

Next up: It's a SECRET!

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  1. Holy crow, hadn't seen these until now. Awesome! You rock, my sweet girl!